Wellbeing and Recovery College
"Your help, support and understanding right from first meeting with you to sign up to the course has been exemplary and the deliverance of the course itself was done at the right pace, adeptly, with comprehensive content and very gentle but proficient guidance"
  1. Managing Director

Hello and Welcome to the South Staffordshire and Shropshire Wellbeing and Recovery College.

Offering recovery-focused education and training, all courses are fully co-produced and co-delivered by a peer trainer (with lived experience of either mental health challenges, learning disabilities and/or caring) and a trainer with relevant professional experience, working in partnership.

We are steadily increasing the number of courses we offer to meet the growing demand from people keen to learn new skills and knowledge to help manage their own health and wellbeing.  There are now over 20 different courses to choose from, providing an inspiring and friendly environment for students to share experiences and learn together.  Recovery is a journey, and this process can be different for everyone.  At the college we believe that every individual has something of value to offer, and aim to create safe spaces where all can share in learning new skills, benefit from new opportunities and discover new hoipe and meaning in our lives.

Although our initial courses have an adult mental health focus, as the college develops we aim to bespoke courses to ensure the college is fully inclusive for all those who use and work within our Trust and beyond.  For example, we are currently working with forensic services to develop courses which support learning for their service users, carers and staff, and have plans to expand our scope in the near future to include young people, those with dementia and their families, and also to offer more courses supporting physical health.  We will also be developing courses to include and make recover education more accessible to minority groups, as well as ensuring courses are available across the whole geographical area of the Trust.